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Amoung Mu

Slow server with customs features!

Free to play server for EVERYONE

Play without limits and enjoy this server!

Exp : x500 Online Player: 12
  • Exp 500x Dynamic
  • Exp Master 5x
  • Drop 30%
  • Zen Drop VERY LOW
  • Reset Lvl 400
  • Borra stats NO
  • Lvl points 2
  • Cuentas registradas 3,229
    Personajes creados 290
    Clanes formados 5
TOP Rankings
1Bloody SummonerGens VanertxFlaSherOGrand Duke12,000
2Lord EmperorGens VanertxShoOk3RGuard6,750
3Dark LordGens DuprianOsirisLieutenant2,850
4Soul MasterGens VanertCronossLieutenant2,250
5Blade KnightGens DuprianTOBIRAMASergeant1,050
6Muse ElfGens DuprianIsisSergeant600
7Muse ElfGens VanertAGNESPrivate450
8Dark LordGens DuprianDlCuakPrivate450
9Dark WizardGens DuprianHorusPrivate300
10Dark LordGens DuprianPatonPrivate150
11Blade KnightGens DuprianBMMAGNUZPrivate150
12Soul MasterGens DuprianPkDoRPrivate150
13Grand MasterGens DuprianAMOUNGPrivate150
14Soul MasterGens DuprianMagoooPrivate150
15Magic GladiatorGens VanertPelitoRojoPrivate0
16Grand MasterGens VanertRaydenPrivate0
17Soul MasterGens VanertTOPPERPrivate0
18Muse ElfGens VanertMilyPrivate0
19Grand MasterGens DuprianYLEGALPrivate0
20Blade KnightGens DuprianXXXXPrivate0
21ElfGens DuprianSUPERPrivate0
22Soul MasterGens DuprianCiraxPrivate0
23Magic GladiatorGens DuprianDGMxPrivate0
24Soul MasterGens DuprianAizenPrivate0
25Muse ElfGens DuprianAthenaPrivate0
26Soul MasterGens DuprianFFFFFPrivate0
  • #NameClassLevel
  • 1YLEGALGrand Master478
  • 2xShoOk3RLord Emperor443
  • 3CiraxSoul Master400
  • 4RFuryRage Fighter400
  • 5BrancaSoul Master400
  • 6AMOUNGGrand Master400
  • 7RaydenGrand Master400
  • 8GrindelwalDark Lord400
  • 9xFlaSherOBloody Summoner400
  • 10OctaviaMuse Elf400
  • #MarkNameScore
  • 1LKings0
  • 2lSNKl0
  • 4redsadas0
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